Book "Un cuerpo propio: 40 años de Taller Salud"

Book "Un cuerpo propio: 40 años de Taller Salud"


Size: 7.5 "x 9.25"

Finish: Hardcover / Matte

Pages: 224


Through the universal metaphor of the seed, Ana Teresa Toro tells us the reticulum, growth and survival of a seed sown in the late 70s and today, 40 years later, is a tree that gives shade in Loíza . The non-profit organization Taller Salud has transcended internal and external crises that have allowed it to strengthen and take root in this coastal municipality and, in turn, sow new seeds in Latin America and around the Island. Review of historical material, face-to-face research and a series of 20 testimonies from participants, witnesses and active members of the Taller Salud work team tell us the journey through a fundamental fragment of the history of Puerto Rican feminism. In this way, we celebrate four decades of activism, sex education and community work in favor of women, as the basis of family and society.


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